There are lots of photographers who are just starting out and are offering photos for free or very cheap. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t pose for your friends for free and fun (I was once asking my friends to do the same for me) but when your career and casting is on the line, trust a professional to do professional work.


Acting is a very difficult career path, and it is fraught with uncertainty and inconsistency. Much of our experience with seeking, auditioning for, and booking work as an actor is based on factors far out of the reach of our influence or control. A headshot is one of the few facets of our experience which we can control. If you can afford it, a great headshot is an anchor, a steadfast tool which will always deliver an amazing performance. No, a great headshot won’t make you a great actor, but it makes it easier to be seen for auditions and get cast in projects which challenge and excite you.


In short, a headshot is a tool. It is one of the few tools you have, so invest in a good one.




We start with a conversation. I don’t take out my camera until we’ve decompressed from travel and chatted a bit about who you are, what your goals are for these headshots, and our game plan for the shoot. You'll have your makeup done, choose outfits, and pick a great playlist. 

Once the session starts, we will be continuing our conversation. I will keep asking you lots of questions about yourself, give the occasional posing cue, make some awful jokes, and work with you to find the best lighting, backdrops, and clothing to compose a beautiful and unique headshot.

I love variety and often find inspiration during the process of the shoot. If you have a specific look or goal in mind, we will always work toward it, but I will throw tons of ideas, looks, poses, locations, backgrounds, and feedback your way. I usually don’t show you the pictures until we’re done, unless there’s a very specific reason to do so. I try to keep things light, friendly, relaxed, and fun. 

I am also very open and accommodating to your imagination and suggestions. I am not an auteur, but rather a collaborator. We are working together to make this headshot happen, so your input, both positive and negative, is extremely valuable.



To put it simply, I love taking headshots! There are plenty of other photographers who do great work in Boston, but I am the only one who exclusively focuses on actor headshots. It is so rewarding when I hear someone say “these are the first headshots I’ve had that look like me” or “I never thought I could look this good on camera!” or “I’ve always hated having my picture taken, but this was great!”

I fell in love with it when I started five years ago, I still get so excited about making someone look authentically incredible.

I love shooting because I am always trying new things, getting really excited about discovering aspects of the craft and looking at people in lots of different ways.

There are some photographers use the same lighting, backdrop, or location for every photo, and though those formulae work for them, I find the process of discovery, collaboration, and innovation to result in much more unique and interesting photos which stand out from the pile on the director's table. I promise that as soon as I start taking the same headshot every time, I will quit taking pictures.

Finally, I count myself lucky to be a continually working actor in the Greater Boston Area, and have over a decade of experience auditioning, rehearsing, and performing in live theatre, as well as film and television. I am connected to and informed about almost all of the theatre throughout the city, and I am happy to offer plenty of advice on how to break into the vibrant theatre scene in Boston.

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