My studio, located in Allston, right next to the Boston Landing T stop, is available to rent for use for photography, videography*, small theatre company rehearsals, workshops, classes, practice space, meeting space, and more.

Availability varies, of course, but it is most often open on nights and weekends.

Hourly rental includes the use of all light stands and modifiers, a 2016 Razer Blade 14” with 27” monitor and Thunderbolt 3 dock for tethering, a makeup station with mirror and counter, client seating area, posing furniture, ladders, prop lights, v-flats and rolling flats, clamps and grip equipment, and more.

Rental also includes use of dozens of colors of 54” and 108” Savage seamless backdrops, as well as thirteen hand-painted canvas Gravity Backdrops. CLICK HERE for images and descriptions of available Gravity backdrops.

Profoto monolights and pack/head combos are available to rent for an additional fee.

Dracast LEDs are available to rent for an additional fee.

Please see this list for a non-comprehensive breakdown of all photography gear in the space.

Free off-street parking, and 24/7 building access, studio is directly adjacent to a freight elevator.

Keyless access to both the main building and the studio.

Studio is ~800 square feet of shooting space, has good natural window light, (north and west facing) which can be reduced significantly with blackout blinds. (It is not possible to darken the room completely, but the blinds cut light enough for virtually all flash usage scenarios.) Shooting floor is roughly 25' wide x 50' long; full-length shots possible at 135mm. Ceilings are 9+ feet throughout.

Two fully-equipped makeup stations are available for rent for an additional fee.


The space is not 100% private. It is shared with a wonderful makeup artist and her team, who may or may not be present during your rental. While the room in which they work is separate from the main studio, they will need to walk through the main studio to access their space. Please do not use their space unless permitted to do so.

IF ABSOLUTE PRIVACY (or use of this larger makeup room) IS REQUIRED FOR A SHOOT:

Please let me know in your inquiry and this space can be reserved.

For a short list of simple rules, please click here

All first-time renters must meet with Nile before rental is permitted for a brief tour and face-to-face rundown of the rules and use of the space- please use the form below to book a tour!

RATES (2 hour minimum)

  • 2 Hours: $100

  • 4 Hours: $180

  • 8 Hours: $325

  • 12 Hours: $475

  • Each additional hour: $45

  • Profoto B1 + TTL Trigger: $35

  • Profoto Acute 2R 2400w/s pack and D4 Head: $50

  • 2x Profoto D2 500w/s lights + TTL Trigger: $75

  • 3x Profoto D2 1000 w/s lights + TTL Trigger: $125

  • 2x Dracast LED 1000 and 1X LED 2000 continuous lights: $75

We also offer memberships, which include:

  • Twelve hours of use per month; additional hours are $35/each

  • Use of all equipment in the studio, including lights (when available)

  • Easy reservation through a private calendar

Rates for memberships:

  • Six month agreement, per month: $375.00

  • Three month agreement, per month: $400

  • One month agreement, per month: $425

Please use the form below to inquire about studio membership or booking the space!***

Name *

*the room is NOT quiet by any means- the building and nearby highway do not make it an ideal place for precision audio recording.

**any rentals made without meeting (unless otherwise discussed) will result in immediate cancellation of your booking.

***Are you a nonprofit or theatre organization looking to rent for performances, rehearsals, or any other non-photographic use? Please get in touch and we can discuss special rates and accommodations.