-LEAVE ME A GLOWING REVIEW! If you do anything from this list, the biggest favor you could do for me is write a review on my Google business page, Facebook page, or send me a testimonial. Obviously, I would love a good review, and if you are thinking of leaving a negative one, don’t hesitate to call or email me and let me know what I can do to change it to a positive one. Links to these sites are below:






If you’d also like to write me a testimonial, please send me a short paragraph/couple of sentences about your awesome headshots and/or photographer in a reply to this very email. (Short legalese: by writing a review or testimonial you give me permission to use your name and/or online handle, as well as your review or testimonial on any print or online media for any purpose for the foreseeable future.)


-CREDIT ME! When you post your image anywhere online, a little note saying “Photo by Nile Scott Shots” is always appreciated. Big bonus points for linking to my site ( or tagging me on Instagram or Facebook. (@Nilescottshots)! If you use a bunch of photos for your personal website, you don’t need to credit me on each one- a simple footer with “headshots by Nile Scott Shots” will do just fine. Thanks in advance for the credit- it really means a lot and helps other people find me when they see my work with a name attached.


-SEND ME REFERRALS! If you send me a client and they book with me and mention they found me through you, I will send you $25 for each referral, or offer you $50 off of your next headshot session. I also LOVE to shoot groups of actors, and will gladly travel to your school or theatre company to offer a day or more of shooting at really great discounted rates.


-HIRE ME FOR OTHER PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY WORK! Do you have a survival job? Do other people work there? Do they need headshots or portraits taken for LinkedIn or company websites? Let me know and I’ll come to your office and take lots of pictures. If it’s a big job, say 10+ people, I’ll throw you a free session!


-HIRE ME TO PHOTOGRAPH YOUR PRODUCTION! In addition to headshots, I also shoot promotional and production photos for theatres. If you have a show coming up and they need a poster or someone to photograph the run, please get in touch and let’s set up a shoot.


-COME BACK FOR MORE! Love your headshots but just got a haircut? Mysteriously lost fifty pounds and need an update? Please reach out and we can set up a follow-up session- repeat customers always get a great discount and it’ll be nice to hang out again.


-HIRE ME TO BE IN YOUR PLAY OR FILM!: I’m still a working AEA actor and am always interested in auditioning for cool projects. If you or someone you know is looking for a thirty-something nerdy white dude who plays every musical instrument and is as uncoordinated as he is charming, send them my way.



If you live in Boston or are visiting sometime in the future, you are always welcome to come by the studio on Sunday nights from 7PM-10PM for a weekly “actor jam session”. I open the space to anyone who is interested to come by and work monologues, read scenes, sides, or plays, or just observe as others do the same. I am not leading or coaching these sessions- it’s more of an open forum where we can all give feedback on one another’s work. There’s a Facebook group for the event, but if you’re not on Facebook just shoot me a text on any given Sunday if you want to come by that night!