I had the privilege of working with Nile twice this year, once to shoot headshots and once to shoot the promotional poster for The Poetics Theatre Collective’s Romeo and Juliet. In both sessions Nile was funny, engaging, and relaxed which, in turn, relaxes his subject. He is always thinking on his feet and creative which guarantees a wide selection of shots. As someone who has spent perhaps too much time in front of a camera acting and modeling, his genuine assuredness ensured that I didn’t fall into habits and remained alert, focused, and at ease throughout. The photos turned out beautifully. The headshots Nile took of me captured me as an artist and an individual, and his beautiful photo for Romeo and Juliet not only managed to make me and my fellow actor look our best, but to capture all of the romance, hope, defiance, and chemistry that those characters depend on. I highly recommend working with Nile for headshots OR theatrical photography. As an actor himself, Nile speaks a highly astute and efficient version of “actor-ese” and makes it easy to accomplish the results performers so specifically need in their photos. I would work with him again in a heartbeat!
— Jessie H.

I was in the market for some headshots for professional and social media use when I came across Nile’s work online. At first glance it primarily looked like actor/theater shots, but he had some professional/business samples as well. So, I thought “well if he can make all those actors looks sharp, I’m sure he could do the same for a corporate guy like me.” I shot him an e-mail and he was quick to respond, and agreeable to work with. I scheduled a shoot slot at his home studio in no time. Being new to the whole headshot thing I was rather intimidated by the process but he de-mystified it all with clear FAQs and communication. By the way—he suggests, guys listen up, that you pay a little extra from some make-up—do it. Let me tell you that it is totally worth the extra bucks. Even for non-actors like myself. His makeup artist, Katie, is very nice, easy to get along with, and applies just enough to even skin tone and hide any circles/bags. I was nervous about doing it, but when I got my shots back I was completely impressed. The result looked great, natural, and normal. Also, Katie doubled as his assistant during my shoot by holding equipment, helping with clothing choices and generally having conversation to make the mood of the session more comfortable. This to me, as an introvert, was tremendously helpful in getting me relaxed enough for the 100 or so shots that Nile eventually took. Nile himself was laid back, easy to converse with, and had a clear vision for what he wanted to do behind the camera. I appreciated his curiosity about trying on different clothing options and how the colors would play against backgrounds both inside and outdoors. He had an especially keen eye for color, which I had wanted for my shots. I wanted them to represent me, of course, but I didn’t want flat boring suit and tie mug shots. His images are clean, colorful, and the best part is that I ended up having fun during the process. I walked away with a brilliant set of pictures, and a confidence boost as well.
— Frank N.

I love my new headshots from Nile Hawver! He and his makeup artist Katie made the photo session professional and fun. I am thrilled with the results and so will you!
— Bobby T
Nile is an amazing photographer, but his work speaks for itself. I went to him for my first ever professional head shots. I was nervous as I’d never been photographed before. However, his presence was calm, cool, and kind. Not to mention his humor made me forget that I was in front of the camera, allowing him to capture some incredibly realistic shots. It just seemed like I was there hanging out with Nile. What sets Nile apart from the competition is who he his as a person. So whether you’re looking for your first round of shots or your fiftieth, there’s no one else I would recommend
— Nate F

Nile took head shots for my 2 kids, age 6 and 10 years. The kids loved him and had so much fun walking around Providence taking photos. He even let them help out, which they enjoyed too. His pricing was affordable, especially since with young kids, I know we will have to get more shots done in the future.
— Melanie M

I’m very happy with my headshot, I use it as my picture for my Gmail account since this will be my professional account. I’ve told everyone who’s asked that you took my photos and recommended you to all of the rising seniors who are looking for photos.
— Chelsea C

I needed some nice professional-looking headshots and Nile’s headshot package was perfect for what I was looking for. He was friendly during the shoot and suggested different poses/stances that created some very nice photos that I’m pleased with. His website and online proof delivery system are very convenient and easy to use. An online gallery of the photos from my session was available the next day and I look forward to using these from now on when I need a nice profile photo. They’re a million times better than anything I could have done on my own with a camera phone!
— Ryli D
In all honesty, I nearly teared up when I saw these. It makes me super happy and grateful that I can actually have photos of myself that I like that actually LOOK like me. So thank you for that, really.
— Christine D
I had amazing time working with Nile Hawver.

I needed headshots for the school application, and didn’t have many ideas or visions of the style. Nile came up with the best location to shoot in, which inspired me and photographs ;) Also, he was very fast, professional and timely in the process... At the end of an hour, he had over 500 images. He edited them (this took only a few days) and I had a gallery of images to choose from. Besides being a fast, creative, hard working professional, Nile seems to be a very sensitive, kind person. I truly think that anyone who hires Nile would have a great experience.
— Katya P.

Nile is a fantastic photographer and very flexible. He is incredibly friendly and professional and really strives to make sure you are happy with the entire experience. To top it off his artistic eye is spot on and his headshots are eye-catching and unique in a world of standard portraiture. Definitely go see Nile for your headshot!
— Dan P.

Before I even arrived for my headshot session, Nile made the process as effortless and comfortable as possible. His website and prompt emails gave thorough and helpful advice for how to approach the session. When I arrived, he instantly made me confident that the pictures would turn out beautifully. He had multiple ideas and setups for us to shoot in, and he did all of the heavy lifting when it came to creativity and setting. He made the selection process for a single headshot so difficult due to the number of excellent shots in each background and outfit. I will return to him for any photography needs and have already started recommending him to all of my theater connections.
— Frank S

I strongly recommend using Nile Scott for your headshot. He understands the needs of actors for a distinct headshot that shows the personality of the actor. We spoke in advance so he could give me some direction as to wardrobe and to find out what I needed and wanted. Nile came to the shoot extremely well prepared for both studio shots and outdoor shots, with background, lighting and of course, cameras. He was so much fun to work with, was eager to try various creative environments (we took shots in alleys, in the street, in front of buildings and in his mobile studio), and must have taken at least 300 pics. His post production was equally diligent. 300 pics are too much to sort through, so he wisely removed all the ones that weren’t going to work, making my job of choosing easier. After choosing a pic, Nile did the edits in a timely manner and posted them quickly, with various sizes for printing, web, e-mail signature. I cannot endorse him strongly enough. Moreover, if he is this diligent in his headshot work, I’d imagine his other professional work is equally top-notch.
— Barnet S

...This is my first time shooting with Nile and Katie(makeup artist). I had an amazing time shooting with them and they’re so easy to get along with. He’s great at taking photos and retouching them as well. I recommend them to anyone. Thanks for everything!
— Raekwon R