We’ll have a quick debriefing and we'll talk about your expectations for editing and timeline. I will then select a large percentage of the photos from the shoot and edit them. This editing is fairly light, mostly for color, cropping, exposure, and other global adjustments.


In about a week, you will get an email from me with a link to your gallery. In that gallery you will find the edited images available for viewing, downloading, selection for retouching, and printing. This gallery will be available online for one year.


The photos in the gallery will be formatted for web and print use. You are welcome to download, print, and use them as-is; I also offer retouching starting at $60/image with a two-week turnaround.

If you’d prefer, you’re also welcome to order retouching from Reproductions. They are the industry standard for printing actor headshots, and are used by professional actors around the world. They are friendly, communicative, and exceptional at what they do. Unless you need a headshot printed locally TODAY, they are the absolute best choice for headshot printing and retouching.


The average turnaround time between the end of our session and having a stack of printed images in your hands is three weeks, so plan accordingly.


Should you require retouched and print-ready headshots within a day or two, I offer emergency retouching and print preparation for $200/image.


Your gallery will have printing options available to you; however, you are not required to order prints through this gallery.


Should you not find a single photo in your gallery to be to your liking, please get in touch and we can discuss options for a reshoot.


Even if you love the photos, your feedback is always welcome!


One very important request: With the exception of cropping, I insist that you do not retouch or alter any of your digital images yourself. It may be tempting to use an Instagram filter or a retouching app, but the photos are meant to be displayed as they were delivered, without alteration. If you are unsatisfied with how an edit turned out, or want a different kind of retouching, please get in touch before taking matters into your own hands and I'll be happy to hear your thoughts.