CSC Summer 2019 Headshot Special!


Hi! I’m Nile Scott Hawver. You may know me as fight director for this year’s production of Cymbeline, but when I’m not acting or helping manage violence, I’m paying the bills with photography. Since 2014, I've offered CSC Apprentices, Stage2 company members, and regular cast members the opportunity to take headshots at a reduced rate. This summer is no exception- please see below for information about the shoot!

The dates are:

Monday, July 22nd, 2019 from 1PM-9PM

This will take place at my studio: 119 Braintree Street, Suite 414, Allston, MA, 02134


Thursday, August 1st, 2019 from 5PM-11PM


Friday, August 2nd, 2019, from 5PM-11PM

These will take place at The Black Box Theatre at The Sorenson Center for the Arts


Group session

$250/per person



phone or email consultation

2 hours of shooting with yourself and two other actors

As many looks and locations as we can fit into that time

Primarily indoors, though we can go outside if there is interest and the weather and light are agreeable

private online gallery of 100-200 edited web-resolution proofs for you to view, download, and share

Note: Retouching and printing are not included with any session fee, but can be purchased separately

Questions? Thoughts? Ideas? Please email me at

  • Please use the form below to schedule your session. Three sessions can be booked per time slot- if you are interested in shooting together with specific people, please make sure you all sign up at the same time.

  • Makeup is available, and highly recommended!

  • If you’d like makeup, please try and sign up for the later slots, as it will be easier to accommodate an early arrival to maximize shooting time.

  • Payment in full is required upon booking. Due to limited time slots, your booking is nonrefundable. You may, however, give away or sell your session to another interested CSC company member.

A few FAQS:

1) Does the make up include hair styling as well? Or at least some help spraying down flyaways and other easy basics like that?

- Katie doesn't officially style hair, but yes, we'll both make sure it looks good as we shoot. If you have hair products you use frequently and want to bring them, please do- you're also welcome to schedule a blowout before the shoot elsewhere if you'd like. I also do work with another MUA who styles hair as well. If there's enough interest, I could potentially bring her to Babson too- we'll have to see how many people sign up to shoot and request hairstying though.

2) Will the make up artist be at the shoot working with us the whole time or working on the next group?

-It depends on the scheduling. If there's three people after you who also are getting makeup, she'll have to work on them as soon as you're done. Regardless of whether she's busy with more people or just hanging out, she'll always be up for touch-ups should you need them. Also, if there are other people in your slot, they'll help be a second and third set of eyes as well.

3) Do we need to bring our own make up?

-Nope! Katie has everything you'd need. However, if you have any favorite product you want to bring, feel free to do so!

4) Should we come bare faced or is it ok to have a little makeup on already?

-Up to you, though I'd lean towards bare-faced if you can.

5) Will you just be using the background of the black box itself or bringing in your own backdrops and lighting?

-A little of both! I do love to shoot the doorway of the black box from outside- it's some of my favorite natural light. I'll also bring flashes and an assortment of backdrops, and if the weather and light are good we'll go outside.

6) In a group session, will we still pick a playlist?

-Heck yeah- I'll bring my bluetooth speaker, and I have an Apple Music subscription, and you'd be welcome to plug your device into a speaker as well.