(and other good ideas)



My favorite times to shoot are weekdays between 9AM-10PM, though weekends can be accommodated. Do consider the type of photos you’d like to have- if you’re only looking to shoot in the studio, then shooting after dark is better. If you want to shoot outside, it obviously has to be daytime.


Generally, bookings are permitted three weeks in advance. I can try to accommodate booking requests within three weeks for an additional rush fee, but chances are good I simply won’t have time. In addition, the makeup artists become easier to book with more advance notice.


Do note that while I will shoot with you tomorrow if you want to and I’m free, you should give yourself at least three weeks lead time between the shoot and your next audition. Editing, selection, retouching, printing, proofing, shipping, and resume stapling all take lots of time.


If you do have an audition coming up and need a finished headshot within a day, I do offer emergency editing and retouching for an additional $200, subject to my availability.


All bookings require a $100 deposit to secure your spot. This deposit is nonrefundable, and will be applied to the total cost of your session.


If you need to reschedule your session, please give me at least forty-eight hours notice. Sessions rescheduled outside of forty-eight hours will have their deposit applied to a new session time. Any rescheduling within forty-eight hours of a session will be considered a cancellation and will result in the forfeiture of your deposit.


If there are adverse weather conditions, illnesses, or if I am unable to shoot, resulting in a last-minute cancellation, the deposit will be applied towards a future session.



Please be on time. I actually request that you don’t arrive too early, as I tend to pack my days very full and, like a wizard, arrive precisely when I mean to. If you are significantly early, I can let you into the building remotely and there are many comfortable waiting areas.

However, don’t be late! If you are going to be late, please call or text me and let me know. Significant (30 mins or more) lateness may result in a rushed, truncated, or rescheduled session.

Get lots of sleep the night before, and drink tons of water. Eat a healthy and balanced meal a couple of hours before we shoot so you have energy but don’t feel stuffed. Try to avoid salt and alcohol, and keep carb intake down a day or two before the shoot.


You’re welcome to bring friends, family, advisors, coaches, etc., if you feel more comfortable having company at our shoot, but please let me know if someone is coming. Anyone who comes can and will be asked to assist on the shoot (though they don’t have to!)


If you’ve hired a makeup artist, arrive with your face clear of any makeup. You’re welcome to bring any of your favorite cosmetics with you, but don’t apply them ahead of time. (Why you should hire a makeup artist HERE)

If you’re doing your own makeup, please avoid contouring, strobing, glitter, shimmer, really bold lips, and anything with sunscreen. These techniques and products either react poorly to studio lights, or are generally too strong for headshots. Even if you wear heavy makeup in your everyday life, the camera and lighting multiplies and enhances exponentially, so what is simply bold to our eye may appear exaggerated in the images.

I understand that requiring every client to pay for makeup is unreasonable, so I won’t do that, but know that if you do not hire a makeup artist you will not be eligible for a reshoot.

I have snacks and water onsite, but feel free to bring your own!


Please bring your remaining balance to the session. I accept cash, checks (made out to Nile Scott Studios), credit/debit cards, and online payment through Square or PayPal. I do not accept Venmo, as they limit their services to personal transactions only.