My studio is available to rent for use for photography, videography*, small theatre company rehearsals, workshops, classes, practice space, meeting space, and more.

The rates and rules below apply only to March 2019.

Availability varies, of course, but it is most often open on nights and weekends.

Equipment may or may not be available in March; please contact for more information.

Free off-street parking, freight elevator access, and 24/7 building access (with some restrictions after 6PM and on weekends). 

Keyless access to both the main building and the studio.

Studio is ~800 square feet, has good natural window light which can be reduced significantly with blinds. Shooting floor is roughly 15' wide x 30' long; full-length shots possible at 85mm.

All first-time renters must meet with Nile before rental is permitted for a brief tour and face-to-face rundown of the rules and use of the space- if you haven’t already done so, please email to set up a time to meet!**

For a short list of simple rules, please click here

Please see the calendar below to reserve your studio booking!

*the room is NOT quiet by any means- the building and nearby highway do not make it an ideal place for precision audio recording.

**any rentals made without meeting (unless otherwise discussed) will result in immediate cancellation of your booking.